Easter Memories- Egg Hunt

I have lots of pictures from this Easter weekend so there will be three posts to cover them all!  Enjoy!

On Saturday morning, the kids and I along with Jane got up and went into Atlanta for an Easter Egg hunt that was being held at Church Without Walls.  It is a little church that was started by a kid (now a grown man!) whose brother graduated high school with me.  One time when I was a senior and I have no idea what grade he was in, he let me drive his car. Now I know that doesn’t sound to special but you gotta know what kind of car I am talking about here.  He used to have (maybe still does?) a beautiful shiny red Mustang Convertible. Not sure what year but I am guessing 65ish.  That body style.  Now, if you really know me then you know that my dream car is a Candy Apple Red 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang.  I love Mustangs, specifically the older ones and have wanted one ever since I can remember.  I was in walking on clouds being allowed to drive his car.  But I digress and that is not what this post is supposed to be about.

So back to the Easter Egg hunt. So we got there and there were quite a few kids already there.

Before they started the egg hunts, Aaron led a small devotional using the Ressurection Eggs and having kids come up and help him.  It was nice and it was great to see the kids up front and in the crowd being able to tell what each item in the egg meant.

They had the yard divided according to age groups.  This is the 1-3 year olds area.

Since Micah is only 22 months I wasn’t sure how he would do.  His age group went first.  He wasn’t too sure what to do at first, but once he realized he could pick the eggs up, I got into it.

I don’t remember how many eggs he picked up for sure, maybe 4 or 5. But he had fun and it was his first “official” egg hunt ever! So that was exciting.  After Micah’s group they did Preschool to 1st Grade group.  Then it was time for 2nd to 4th graders, which was Sarai’s group.  I tried to get her to run straight to the back of the area to start grabbing eggs, but she didn’t get why so she didn’t do it.  Oh well.  And she is just too nice sometimes.  Once she was going for an egg and also had her hand on it when another little boy came running up and slid onto the egg.  She just pulled her hand back and walked away. But I guess I would rather have her too nice then being mean and nasty.

After all the kids where done, they reset the yard for the Adult division! They were giving away a couple grocery store gift cards and gas cards.  No pictures of it though since both my mother-in-law and I joined in the fun.  And it was a lot of fun and funny watching us scramble all over the place to get those little plastic eggs!  I got a total of 4, no gift or gas cards but I did get chocolate, so I think I did pretty good!  Here is a picture of Sarai and Micah enjoying some of their goodies while us adults were being silly!

After all the egg gathering was over, they gave away two bikes; one to a girl and one to a boy.  That was pretty exciting.  Then they had lunch for everyone, so we grabbed hotdogs, chips and drinks and ended up taking them with us.  All in all, the kids had a fun time and enjoyed themselves.


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