Growing Up

Well, my little man is growing up. I know that all children do that. I mean I am also the mother of a now 10 1/2 year old daughter who started out as a teeny, tiny 3 lb baby.  And yet I am still amazed at all the new things my guy is doing and has been doing.  Regretfully, I have not chronicled them like I wanted or should have. Of course I have and had good intentions but as I am sure you know life happens.  It is sad but true.

However, I did capture the newest feat in Micah’s life.  Barely!  I almost missed it. Not because I wan’t paying attention but becuase I had taken the old used batteries from the camera and forgot to put my rechargeables back in.  So when I pulled it out to take the pictures, no batteries! I about cried.  But I didn’t and I went on enjoying the moment with my son. And then I remembered that I had put an extra set of batteries in the diaper bag. Yay me!  Here it is, in all it’s glory!

Ok, to you it might not look like much but let me tell you what you are seeing.  That is Micah and we are at Jackson Street Park.  He is at the top of the “big slide”.  See that huge grin on his face?  It is there because this is about the 20+ time he has went down the “big slide” all by himself.  No one holding him, no one “helping” him slide down, and no one catching him at the bottom!  The first time he did it, he did not have that big grin on his face.  As a matter of fact everytime he would start to go down for about the first 0 times, he would catch his breath and get this look of terror on his face as soon as he would start to slide.  But he kept going back up to do it again!  And he loved it.  And I loved his expressions and the look for sheer delight on his face.  Here is another on for you:

Look how pleased he looks at himself and what he is doing! And look at that hair! Oh my goodness doesn’t it just crack you up?



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