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Motherhood Fail

Yep, I failed as a mother this morning.  Micah woke up in a pretty decent mood (most mornings he is a grouch!).  So we sat in the recliner and snuggled for a little bit.  Everything was going great.  Then he did it. He asked for Cheetos. I said “Cheetos? for breakfast?” and he said “yip”.

And Yep, I did it. I gave my son a small bowl of Cheetos for breakfast.  And you know what, he was happy and ate all of them. Right along with his chocolate milk!  So I guess I failed this morning.  Hopefully tomorrow will get a better start!  And besides, how can you say no to this face:

In a side note. we went to WIC yesterday. It is nice going to WIC every other month right now because he hasn’t been to the peditrician since his 18 month check-up.  Which is fine but I don’t get any official numbers on him.  Sure I can weigh him on our scale (which is pretty close to WIC and the dr’s) but I don’t have numbers to compare to over time.

So they weighed and measured him.  Little man has only gained something like 7 ounces in 2 months! He weighs 22.8 pounds.  He did grow almost an inch in the same 2 months though, so I think he is just stretching out!  He doesn’t really look smaller than other kids his age.  He is about the same size as the kids at church that were all born around him (there are 4 plus him that are real close in age, like within 1 or 2 months!).  And Sarai was small also at this age.  So i am not too worried about him.  He is active and wild, so things are fine!

*And just to be clear so you don’t get the wrong idea. I totally do not really feel like a failure as a mother because I allowed my son to eat Cheetos for breakfast.  As a matter of fact I see nothing wrong with allowing him to occasionally eat “junk” foods for breakfast or any other time he would like them.  He eats pretty good for an almost 2 year old any other time, so I don’t worry.


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