Ok, I started another post but it wasn’t going like I wanted (or thought in my head), so I decided to scrap it for this one.

I am sick. I have been sick since Thursday.  I think I had a 24 hour bug and now I think I may have strep.  I don’t like going to the doctors so I won’t be going unless I get a lot worse.  If my throat would quit hurting I would be fine.

Sarai is sick.  She got sick last Sunday night and spent all night and day Monday throwing up.  I thought she was better.  Last night she started again.  She has done nothing but sleep all day today. Poor girl!

Micah seems fine, thankfully!  I can’t imagine him getting what we had. Especially since he sleeps with me (kind of, ok he does).

Hopefully we will all be better by Monday morning and the week will go smoothly.

It was nice a couple days this week. I was really hoping Spring was arriving for good.  Then it snowed overnight and again tonight.  Snowing on the first day of Spring! what is with that.  Oh well.  Here is something to hopefully make your day brighter. How can you look at him and not smile!


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