February 14-21, 2010

Man, time sure is seeming to fly! Seems like just yesterday i was typing this same post for last week! Wow, I am really trying to stay caught up but will honestly admit that I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  I know you are probably wondering how that could be when i am a stay at home mom and really right now I don’t have to do much housework.  But i have a lot of volunteer and “fun” jobs that I do and I think that I may need to cut some of them back or drop them completely.  Life seems to be headed for a change (a good one at that!) and I want to make sure I do not have to much on my plate!  But that is a different post!  So on to this week in pictures! Enjoy!

February 14

Well today is Valentine’s Day! Woohoo! Just joking.  Seriously, I am not a V-Day person.  Truthfully I am of the mindset that we shold be showing those in our lives that matter to us just how much they matter to us on a regular, daily if possible basis!  I would so much rather my hubby do special little things and surprises throughout the year, then spend a lot of money on stuff I don’t need or really want on one single day!  So today, we did nothing! We went to church and that was about it! It is kind of sad but our day was just average that I don’t even have any pictures! Opps! I will say that I did get a couple little gifts for Sarai and Micah and I did buy Josh a new watch.  Which he liked but didn’t like and we will be returning! Oh well.  I tried.

February 15

So today Josh and I celebrated V-Day.  We went to Columbia for pretty much the entire day just the two of us! His mom graciously agreed to watch Micah and Sarai; it was nice to get away. We started out by going out to lunch at Bangkok Gardens, which is a Thai restuaraunt.  It was pretty good; not as good as the one I ate at in Pennsylvania but I still liked it.  I got the Dragon Chicken (I think that was what it was called) and I ordered it as a #2 hot-wise.  I think I could have gone a #3 as it wasn’t very spicy to me.  It was good though and I couldn’t eat it all even though I had thought I was pretty hungry.  So I took some home.

So then after lunch we headed down the road to the Chocolate shop about a block down.  Can’t remember the exact name of it and I didn’t get a picture.  We got some fudge for Sarai, a chocolate sucker for Micah (which he promptly fed to our dog the next day!) and some little things for Jane (Josh’s mom).  I also got some chocolate covered gummie bears for myself! I love them!

After the candy store we decided to take in a movie.  It was a decent movie and I kind of liked it.  A little on the gory side, kind of graphic and realistic.  But there was no nudity and very little if no cussing (really don’t recall any).  I liked the way it ended.  It was kind of a long movie.

After the movie, we headed off to Hobby Lobby because I wanted to get some craft supplies for a project I want to do.  I am going to make a Burlap Wreath, so more on that in the future.  After Hobby Lobby, we headed to Outback for dinner! YAY! I love Outback and that is usually where I choose to go when given the option and for special ocassions!  It was ok.  The didn’t have the temperature of meat I wanted first and then when we went to order dessert, they were out of the Chocolate Thunder! How can you not have one of your signature dessets!  But my second choice of meat of was pretty good and it was Creamy Onion soup night and Josh shared his with me; I got salad instead because I really wanted a salad!  So it was a pretty good night!

Febraury 16 and 17

Ok, this week and weekend have been long for me.  I am not sure why but I don’t have any pictures from Febraury 16 or 17th.  I can’t even begin to tell you what went on those two days other than I know one was a Wednesday and we went to church.  Sorry!

February 18

Today I went and did my usual greeting card reset.  I really enjoy doing it and do look forward to it every Thurday.  Then tonight I went to Ladies Night Out at church.  It was a lot of fun.  We had a short devotional given by Michele Sadler which was great. She is so funny and down-to-earth.  I am so glad that I have really gotten to know her over the past 1 1/2 years and am so blessed to call her my friend.  She is not only a great friend but a pretty special mom, loving wife and a heck of a pastors wife as well!  Sure hope Pastor Tim knows what he has in her (and I am sure he does)!  Then after that and some snacking, we split into groups and went and has some make-overs and then worked on our wreaths if we wanted to do so.  I started my Burlap Wreath tonight so I will give you a sneak peek!

So here you can see my burlap (I am using two different colors), my hoop (I went with this instead of forming my own out a wire hanger), and my ribbon (Josh picked it out, he said it pops!)  Well in starting this project I discovered I need to do one of two things; 1. I either need to buy twice as much burlap as I already did (and about 4x as much as suggested!) or 2. i need to buy a smaller hoop!  I think I am going with smaller hoop as it will be cheaper.  Then of course I will need to figure out what to use this very large gold hoop for!

February 19-21

This will be its own seperate post.  Too much to put in this post.  But I will leave you with some teaser pictures! Enjoy!


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