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February 7- 13, 2010

Another week come and another week gone!  Wow, we are already to Valentine’s Day and before you know it Easter will be upon us! Sometimes it seems like life is a speeding car and I wish it would just slow down, but then of course if it did slow down then I would probably be bored and complains about it being so slow!  Anyways, here is a look back at our week! Enjoy!

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February 7

Sarai worked on her Valentine’s Day box for school.  I found the cutest little kit for her to use while Josh and I were away on the Deacon’s Retreat a couple of weeks ago.  While it was cute, it didn’t go together quite right and there were a couple of other problems.  But she loved it and it worked great for the party.  So I guess that is all that mattered.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but this morning at church Micah walked to the nursery by himself and walked right in without so much as a tear! I was so surprised and a little saddened by it.  But happy at the same time; my little man is growing up!

February 8

Sarai actually took this picture of her brother after he had gotten chocolate pudding in his hair because he had flung his spoon! Although, I don’t think it is; it is almost like his facial expression is saying “awe, man”.  He’s such a cutie!

February 9

I did a little impromptu photo shoot with Micah today. Mainly I was just messing around with the settings on my camera and seeing what I could get.  And I got this surprise little gem! I love this photo. But I thought it needed just a tad bit of help.  So I helped it out a bit.  But that is a later post! Ha, guess you gotta come back tomorrow and see what I did to it!

February 10

Once again, we were in the nursery tonight after we ate dinner at church. Micah actually sat in his high chair and ate really well tonight. A lot of nights (really anytime) we doesn’t eat very well and I am always worrying that he is going to be hungry.  But he seems to be growing pretty well.  This is the first time that he has went down the slide on his belly! I was surprised that he decided to try it after watching one of the other little girls go down.  But he did good and he loved it!

February 11

Tonight one of our all-time favorite shows started and we couldn’t wait! It was a very highly anticipated premiere and I think that it did not disappoint! I can’t wait for the rest of the season. At this point I am not really sure who I want to win or who I think will actually win. I, of course, have my favorites but who knows what will happen.  Some of my favorties are James, JT, Rupert, Stephenie and Tom.  Of course there are a couple of villians I really like, Rob and Russell. Some I can’t stand and want them to be voted off soon, Coach!  I wasn’t surprised to see Sugar go so early; she is really clingly and kind of annoying but I did like her in her season and at the beginning of this episode too.  I am really excited for this week’s episode!

Ok, so you are probably wondering about this picture. And you are also probably thinking that the person who takes pictures of a cup is a crazy lady, and you wouldn’t be the only one, even my husband thought I was crazy!  On Thursday I spent all day making copies and putting together two binders that each held 9 weeks worth of children’s lessons plus all the patterns for crafts and games plus another complete set of 6 lessons in case they needed to make changes all for my husband!  It was a lot of work and took me about 4 hours to do so! I was exhausted by the time I was done and so hungry.  So Josh took Micah and I out to lunch. I ordered a Sprite for Micah and she asked me if I wanted it in a little cup.  I said sure and expected the normal stryofoam cup that most restuarants use.  But I was so surprised when she brought out this cute little cup just for him!  It was so darling and was the perfect size.  She had even cut the straw so that it would not be too long! How nice was that?  So I just had to take a picture of it!

February 12

Today we went up to visit my mom! She lives about 2 hours away which is nice as it is not real long in the car and Micah seems to ride ok.  The picture above is Micah and Sarai (mine) and Cianna and Chloe (my brothers).  It is so weird because our journies into creating our families are so similar.  My daughter is 10 and my son is 1 1/2.  Cianna is 8 and Chloes is 4 months.  My sister-in-law and I have both struggled getting pregnant with our second babies (me with my first too).  And it really made our relationship stronger as we got to share about the hardships and talk about the struggles.  I am thankful for that opportunity.

This is my mom with her two youngest grandbabies, Micah and Chloe.  My mom just had surgery a week ago and had just had the staples removed the day before we visited but she was in really good spirits and said that she was feeling better now than she had the whole past year.  You may remember from previous posts that she is in remission from cancer and had to have several major surgeries back before Christmas a year ago.  This picture doesn’t do her justice (sorry I caught you talking mom!).

February 13

After Sarai’s cheerleading game on Saturday we drove into Columbia to just hang out and goof off.  I was planning on using this as our Valentine’s celebration (no comments, after 13 years of marriage I prefer to do things as a family and with my kids most of the time, so this was my thought not Josh’s!) But Josh had planned on doing that on Monday (right now it is snowing op a storm so I am not sure what will happen), so there were some communication difficulties at times.  But we did go to Menards to look around and to check out upright freezers! I want one and I think I have my husband convinced to buy me one with our tax return (and he wants to buy me a NEW CAMERA!)  I did find a couple that would work and then we found one we really like it but it was $900 and I don’t think I want to spend that much.  Anyways, Josh, Sarai and Micah had to try out the beds while we were there, or as Micah says “pee bed” which means play on the bed. So that is what they did.

Then we headed over to Bass Pro and they were having their Boat Show and had some fun activities set up for the kids to do.  Micah and Sarai each made a little boat and then raced them.  Sarai won but only because Micah wasn’t really interested in racing his and he had a little trouble blowing on the sail with daddy holding him!

After Bass Pro we headed off to eat.  We ended up at Cracker Barrel, which was good. I got the Chicken Fried Chicken, which is pretty much what I get everytime we eat there.  I was really pushing for Outback but that was overruled, hopefully next time!  We also went to Culver’s and got ice cream after we ate and looked around the store. Then we headed home.  All in all it was a great day!


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