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January 31- February 6, 2010

Welcome to another week! Can you believe that we have already completed the first 6 weeks of 2010? Today starts Week 7!  And guess what, I am behind about a half of a week on my Project 365/52! I have part of Week 6’s layout done and need to finish it up!  But I wanted to post what our week was like for you. So enjoy!

January 31

Today we went to the Mexican restaurant after church.  And even though his birthday wasn’t until Thursday we had them sing to Nathan! It was funny! And I think he secretly enjoyed it!  To be honest with you I love Mexican but I so did not want to go today mainly because I was tired and Micah was tired and cried the minute we left to church all the way to the restuarant. He just wanted to go to sleep.  But he ended up being fine once he got some chips and salsa and I had a good time to.

Februaury 1

Our dog, Waffles! She is a crazy dog.  If you haven’t read about her before, we adopted her (ok, I adopted her) from the animal shelter in Pennsylvania in September 2007. In October of 2007 I found out I was pregnant with Micah!  Waffles is deaf!!  But other than that she is a pretty good dog, and I imagine that she would be a great dog if she could just hear us! I thought this picture of her was so cute; she is snuggling with the pillow!

February 2

Micah had to go to WIC today to pick up his vouchers.  And for the first time we actually played with the toys and didn’t keep coming back to “check” on me every two seconds! He is growing up!  At 20 months old he weighs 21.8 pounds and is almost 32 inches long! My little man is growing up!  He weighs about 5 times more than he did at birth and is almost twice as long!

February 3

Micah and his friend Alexis at church in the nursery on Wednesday night.  They love playing on the teeter-totter! And it was a nice night since there were only 4 little ones and 3 workers! A lot better than last week when there were 8 little ones (3 babies) and only 2 workers; now that was a crazy night!

February 4

Ok, I know you are thinking this is a weird picture to have; why in the world would I take a picture of a greeting card display? Well, it is because every Thursday morning, I drive to my local Wal-Mart and I spend about 30-45 minutes straightening and stocking this card display.  It is not very labor intensive and the pay is not outstanding (but not bad either) but I love doing it! It gives me a little break to get out by myself.  I have also done product demonstrations, mystery shopping, samples, and surveys.  Want to do it too? Just ask me and I will tell you where to go to get started.

Today was also Nathan’s birthday but I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of that. I thought I did but couldn’t find them after I uploaded from my cameras. –Ok, just had a duh moment and realized that I can’t find the picture because it is still on my camera! Now I feel really silly!– I might add it later.

February 5

Ok, no pictures for today but I do have a video that I hope you think is as funny as I did.  A couple weeks ago Sarai asked if she could order some things from her book order forms from school and Josh said sure.  So one of the tings she picked out was this voice recorder/distorter.  Well, she brought it home today.  As I was sitting in the bedroom listening to them I was cracking up!  And Josh and her were laughing hysterically too.  I was going to record them without their knowledge but as I was going out to do so, they were coming to the bedroom to let me listen to their antics.  Hope you enjoy a good laugh!

February 6

–All of todays pictures are in RAW format and I have to edit and convert them before I can post any. To do that I have to open PSE. Be back soon!–

Today Sarai cheered at her first Lighthouse League Basketball game.  She did great and they were so cute.  But let me tell you, watching some of those little ones play basketball was so funny and cute!  Talk about dramatic; you should have seen them when they would barely get bumped or pushed!

So there was our week; hope you enjoyed it!


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