My Mom and her Grandbabies

So the other day we went up to my moms to celebrate Christmas withthat part of the family.  They had already had the actual family Christmas but since we had previous plans we weren’t able to make it to that one.  So not all of the family was able to make it this day.  But all of my moms grandkids were there (except one who lives in New Jersey) so I wanted a picture of her with all of them.  As most of you know group shots are easier said then done.  But, with one of my Christmas gifts from Josh I was able to get a pretty good picture!

Here is the first try:

Not a bad pictures, except Jordan is missing! You can see his feet but no head.  So we tried again!

Here is the second try:

Ok, well no we have Jordan in the picture but grandma and the baby are now looking down and I am not sure what Cianna is doing exactly.  By this time they were all getting restless so I said thats good enough.  I brought the pictures home and downloaded them to my computer.  And then I opened them in Photoshop and the fun began! Using the PhotoMerge Group Shot function, I came up with a picture that I think looks pretty good!  Here is the final version:

I was able to make sure you could see Jordan plus mom and the babies face. And I was able to put Cianna in the picture without the goofy face!  I think it turned out pretty good.  And I love this feature and think I may be using it in the future quite a bit!


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