Family Pictures

Earlier in November, we had our family pictures taken by Emily of Emily Dobson Photography.  Now if you know me personally you know two things about me.  One is that I LOVE to take pictures; doesn’t matter who or what it is I probably have taken or will take a photo of it!  And two is that I do not like my own picture taken; I have very few pictures of myself with my family or alone.  And if you see one of me, someone else probably took it and it was either done without my consent or I was forced! LOL!  But back to the subject at hand.  We had pictures done and I spent a few weeks agonizing and searching for coordinating clothing for my family of four.  Finally I had everything the way I thought I wanted it.  Figuring that it was in November and that it would probably be chilly, I put us all in long sleeves.  Wouldn’t you know, it was hot and we were sweating! Oh well.

Anyways, we got our pictures back and they were AMAZING!  I loved pretty much all of the ones that she took for us.  But these are my favorites out of the lot!

She took 3 different family shots (I think) and this ended up being my favorite out of them all.  My other favorite has us all standing but I chose this one instead.

My favorite one of Sarai. I love her pose; she looks so sassy!

This is actually my second favorite of Micah  The one that I loved of Micah had him looking down but Josh and Sarai like this one so they vetoed me!

And this one is one of my favorite non-posed family shot but I really like the other one better.  Only problem: Josh’s head was missing!  So of course he vetoed that one!  Oh well this one is a good one too (i think!).

This is my absolute favorite picture of my husband and me! I love this picture so much.  And to clear something up, I am only taller than him when we are sitting down! Normally he is about 3-4 inches taller than me, but when we sit down I get to be taller!!

So if you like the pictures and live in the Macon Missouri area, you should definately give Emily a call! You won’t be disappointed in the pictures that she takes of you and your family!


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