Children’s Ministry

I have always thought that Children’s Ministry is a pretty high calling.  While my husband has been a Youth Pastor for over 15 years and I have worked along side of him with the teens, my first love has been children.  I even went to school to be an Early Childhood/Elementary Ed major; I wanted to  either run my own day care or teach K-3 grade.  But then I had my own children and I am content to stay home with them.

I really never gave more than a passing thought to my husband doing anything other than Youth Ministry.  So when about 8 months ago, he came to me and said that he felt that God was urging him to start looking at Senior Pastor positions, I was a little taken back but told him I would pray to that end.  And over the next month’s God really spoke to me and eased my heart and mind with this new calling.  I am actually looking forward to being a Senior Pastor’s wife! I can’t wait to have a congregation to love on and lead! (Those that know me, know that only God would be able to put this attitude and acceptance into my heart!)

However, since we are still searching imagine my even greater surprise when my husband came home from prayer meeting one morning and told me that our Senior Pastor had approached him about taking on the position of Interim Children’s Pastor!  I think I was a little speechless.  Not because I don’t think my husband can do it or that he wouldn’t be good at it; but because this is a direction that neither of us had thought of taking in the past.  We both spent a lot of time in prayer and discussion.  And in the end, Josh accepted the offer.  This past week marked his first week as the Interim Children’s Pastor at our church!  He has a lot of work ahead of him; hard work but I know he can do it and will do it well!  Of course, it is only temporary but who knows how temporary.  It depends upon the church finding the man that God is wanting them to hire or God leading Josh and I to the church He wants us to Pastor.  But in the meantime, I know that my husband is doing what God wants him to and enjoying going into the office.  Although I am sure the already long hours he has put in are not too fun!

Please continue to pray for:

  • Josh as he gets the Children’s Ministry on track
  • the Children’s Ministry volunteers
  • FBC as they search for the man God has for them
  • for Josh and I as we continue to wait for the church God has for us

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