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So the theme over at I ♥ Faces this week is Contemplative.

thoughtful observation; full or deep consideration; dreamily or wistfully thoughtful: a pensive mood; expressing or revealing thoughtfulness; quiet modes of apparent or real thought;

Here is my photo for this week.

A candid of Sarai (my favorite of her)
A candid of Sarai (my favorite of her)

Believe it or not this is a candid shot of her.  I just happened to turn around as she was sitting in the field and when I went to take the picture she was looking my way.  Not even 10 seconds later she was off and running through the field again!  This is one of my all time favorite photos of my daughter.


3 thoughts on “Contemplative

  1. I love this! Although, I would like to see it with a little more highlight, so the whites of her eyes would be brighter. But the pose and expression is wonderful. It’s more special when you say you didn’t ask her to pose that way. 🙂

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