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10 Deadly Sins of a Dying Church

As I was browsing around the internet this morning, I came across a link to this article on Ministry Best Practices “10 Deadly Sins of a Dying Church.” I thought it looked interesting so I clicked over to read it. It was pretty accurate in what it was saying. I have seen churches that this is true in and have experienced some of these before. Here is just a small excerpt of the article.

5. Personal Conflict
Church people have found a way to make an argument out of almost anything. Political power struggles rule the day.

6. A Priority Of Comfort
Dying churches refuse to reach out beyond their own comfort-zones. When any real ministry does happen and dirty, sinful people walk in among the righteous, it upsets the apple cart. It simply isn’t comfortable.

8. Hording
It amazes me the amount of money many dying churches have in their saving accounts. The thought is that they are saving it for a rainy day, but I wonder what God thinks about this? Will he be happy if we, like the man with one talent, have not invested his Kingdom resources in the Great co-mission work when returns. Which would be best; Die rich, having saved our resources and done as little as we can get by with, or Die broke with the knowledge that we have done all we can.

9. Failure to Follow
Too often pastors are treated like hirelings and not called, anointed people of God. The pastor is forced to walk on eggshells to avoid losing their job.

10. Idolatry
You may think this is absent from today’s Church, but it is very alive. Beloved programs, versions of the Bible, furniture, paintings on the wall and the placement of objects have caused more quarrels than I care to mention. We have taken these items to god-like levels in the church and forgotten the main thing.

Hope you will jump on over and read the rest. And I pray that this does not describe your church. If it does, realize it and take the steps necessary to correct it! There are tons of resources and many, many good, solid Bible-based organizations our there that will come and help your get back on track.

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