They Still Need You

5 years ago today Hurrican Katrina hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  It brought with it utter destruction and devastation.  Many people lost their lives and many more lost their homes.  The area has been rebuilding ever since then and they continue to do so.  I will never forget the impact that visiting the area and seeing that destruction had on me.  It was a very profound moment in my life.  It really made everything else that I was dealing with that week and before seem small and insignificant.  I have not had the opportunity to go back but I have wanted to with my whole heart and soul.  Thankfully, there have been those who have felt the call to go even when I have not been able too.  Hopefully (prayerfully) I will get to go down and minister and help rebuild lives and homes again soon.

This is my favorite picture from my trip down there.  It was such a bright spot in an otherwise bleak and depressing area.

Sunflowers in Lower Ninth Ward New Orleans
Sunflowers in Lower Ninth Ward New Orleans

Although you may not be able to go down and help in the rebuilding of peoples homes and lives, please continue to pray for the teams that are able to go to New Orleans and the surrounding areas.  And also pray for the ministries and churches in those areas that have weathered many a storm and are continuing to further the kingdom of the Lord.

So that you may never forget:


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