Design Star- HGTV

One show that I love to watch is Design Star on HGTV.  It is fun to watch the designers and see what they come up with. And of course pick my favorites!  And so far my favorites are Dan and Antonio! I love both of them and their styles and think that they are both very strong.  I don’t see either of them going home any time soon (but who knows!).

Last nights (Sunday) episode was the Kitchen Challenge. This is always an interesting challenge to watch, as it is ever rarely finished.  It was a good challenge and it is always neat to see how appreciative the family is about getting their kitchen redone. I would love if they would come redo my mother-in-laws kitchen.  Believe me, it needs it!

Ok here are my thoughs on the show.

The Kitchens
I think that the Boucher kitchen was ok. It is amazing that they finished! I LOVED Torie’s backsplash and it was a simple choice that allowed them to have the kitchen finished.  I didn’t like the color choies! I would never have allowed that blue to be put on the wall along with the red and the yellow! Vern Yip (on of the designer judges) said “it looks like a rainbow thre up in there” and I agree!  I like the red, although I would have went a little darker with it, not so rose. And the yellow was ok, but there I would have went a shade or two darker.  And they didn’t even look bad together as you do see those colors in moroccan and even italian color palettes.  But adding the blue ruined it for me.

The Johnsons kitchen would probably have been nice IF they had finished it!  I could see the design and where they were headed.  I think a big part was the lack of accessories!  It needed them to add the warmth and finishing touches to the room.  I understand they were pressed for time, but how hard could it have been to realize you only 30 minutes left and to start putting them out!  Even if they weren’t perfect at least they would have been out on the counters and adding another layer to the room.

The Decision
I DO NOT agree with the judges decision at all! Tashica should have been sent home! Especially when you have every other team mate, except one, saying that she was the weakest memeber of their team and that her skill set doesn’t add up to what she has boasted about and can really do!  I thought it was very honest of Amy to say that she didn’t do as good as a team captain as she should have.  I felt her biggest mistake of the show was choosing Tashica in the first place! I really couldn’t believe that Amy picked her to begin with after last weeks performance.  I would have chosen Torie (I lover her backsplash!) before Tashica.

I thought Amy did an ok job being captian, yeah it could have been better but she didn’t deserve to go for it!  She formulated a plan, she set it in motion, she helped make critical choices. And she even recognized a team members advanced skill in an area and had them completing that taks.  I do think that Dan did step up and become like a co-captain. But I really didn’t see him doing any more than Amy.

My favorite part of the show was the look on the other contestants faces when Tashica walked into the room after the elimination ! That was priceless! I hope that Tashica either does a super amazing job next week or goes home!

I can’t wait for next weeks show! The White Wall Challenge and first individual challenge! Now we get to see the designers on their own and what they are really going to bring to the table!


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