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10 Days

That is how long my husband will be gone!

Today he and 34 (I think that was the number) of others, over half being teens, left for Daytona Beach Florida.  The will spend the next 10 days, minus travel, working with World Changers doing work in the area.  I know that Josh’s group will specifically be doing roofing.  His moms, Jane, group will be doing painting.  Nathan and Rachelle also went on the missions trip and will doing work as well.

So it is just Micah, Sarai and myself at home!  Today we spent the day in town swimming and playing at the park, plus we went to Wal-Mart and grocery shopping.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow, but early next week (Tuesday to be exact!) we are going to the St Louis Zoo with the Sadlers (minus Tim and Maya), the Woods’ (minus Wesley) and the Johnsons (minus Matt).  There might be two other families (the Clements and the Fannings, minus their husbands) joining us but I have not heard one way or the other from them yet.  But regardless, I am really looking forward to the spending the day at the zoo with my kiddos.  And getting to spend time with the other moms and get to know them better!

Not sure, but I may try and go see my mom towards the end of next week.  It has been a while since I have gotten up there to see her and I miss her.  She told Josh earlier today that she thinks she may be done with her chemo, depending the test results! Praise the Lord if she is! And praise Him if she is not!  She has done well through out the entire ordeal and He continues to strengthen her and bless her with contentedness and a peace.  But that is another post!


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