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So Close

As you may remember, we went to Michigan at the beginning of the month to visit Josh’s side of the family and for their reunion.  This is an annual event and we have been doing it with our family for the past 4 years.  It is almost always a good time.

This year I was really looking for to it for a totally different, non-family related reason!  A BLT with 1 POUND of BACON!!!  Yep, you read that right. A FULL POUND of BACON!  I know, that is a heart attack waiting to happen. But I wanted one and of course you can’t forget the Banana Split made with 13 scoops of ice cream!  I first heard about this sandwhich while watching the Travel Channel.  Josh likes a couple shows on the Travel Channel so we watch it occasionally. And this time I just happened to catch part of the program about a place called Tony’s Restaurant in Birch Run Michigan.  As soon as the show was over, I had Josh looking to see how far Birch Run and Ionia are from each other.  Only 1 1/2 hours!  Thats not too bad.  So of course, I set about trying to plan how I could get the family to go what would be a total of 3 hours out of the way just so I could see and eat this sandwhich. Here is a picture of the sandwhich:

BLT at Tony's in Birch Run Michigan. A pound of bacon!
BLT at Tony's in Birch Run Michigan. A pound of bacon!

Doesn’t that look yummy!

So anyways, back to getting there.  On Tuesday when we arrived, Linda asked if we would like to take a trip to Frankenmuth on Thursday to go to Bonners Christams shop.  I got really excited because you go through Birch Run to get to Frankenmuth!  Yes, I was going to be abe to go to Tony’s!  So we said sure, asked if she cared if we stopped at Tony’s and told her why.  She said she didn’t think that would be a problem.  I was excited and could hardly wait.

So Thursday morning came and I made sure that I was ready and had my camera. This was a picture opportunity waiting to happen.  So we leave and head out to Birch Run, where we are actually going to meet some other family memebers.  So we pull into Tony’s to wait for them.  And I can hardly contain myself!

Tony's Restaurant Birch Run Michigan
Tony's Restaurant Birch Run Michigan

To make a long story (and frankly boring here on) shorter.  This was as close as I got to my one pound BLT and 13 scoop Banana Split! I was a tad upset.  Due to whatever (not really sure the reasoning) we ended up eating at Burger King in Frankenmuth. I was very disappointed.  Hopefully next year I will make it to Tony’s!  That is my goal.

At least Micah enjoyed his Burger King, or I guess more accurately the ranch dressing!

Micah enjoying the ranch dressing at Burger King
Micah enjoying the ranch dressing at Burger King

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