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Micah- his newest skill

Oh where to begin telling you about the things that my boy is doing now!  He continues to amaze and astonish me!

This post I am just going to tell you about something new that he is doing.  This just amazes me!  Here is the feat:

Now, I know what you are thinking. Why does this amaze you, all babies learn to do this?  This amazes me because we have no stairs in our house!  None that he can get to anyways.  The first time he was at stairs was in Michigan and for the longest time he sat at the bottom of them crying for however was going up to take him.  Finally after a little bit, we noticed that he was gone and sure enough he was about 4 stairs up!  These pictures are only about the 3rd time he has climbed stairs and I think he does pretty good. He is pretty fast too!


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