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Fireworks Show

Ok, tonight I discovered one thing that I miss about Pennsylvania that I never really thought about before.  Fireworks shows!  Maybe it is not so much that I miss this about Pennsylvania as much as it is that I live in a small town and the next town over while larger is still not that big.  So tonight is the first time we have ever went to the city sponsored fireworks show.  First time in the last 15 years, since we have lived in this area.  We have always had our own out here at Jane’s.  And it was always pretty good for a amatuer show.  Of course we usually spent between $200-300 and that would get us between $400-600 worth of fireworks and here in Missouri you can buy some pretty big stuff to shoot off.  However, this year we decided not to do our own show at all.  Money is an issue for all of us right now.

So we went to town to watch the show.  And while I am glad that I got to see fireworks, I will say that it was kind of a letdown for me.  Here is the rundown of our night

8:14 pm- leave our house in Atlanta
8:36 pm- arrive and park at the Macon Fairgrounds
8:58 pm- 10 minute warning shot fired
9:11 pm- the show starts
9:31 pm- the show is over
9:36 pm- we are exiting the fairgrounds
9:54 pm- we arrive home

So as you can see the time we spent driving to and from town and waiting for the show to begin was longer than the actual show.  The finale of the show here was what typically led up to the finale of the show we usually watched in Pennsylvania.  Oh well, it was kind of nice to just get out!  Even if Micah did sleep through the entire show!

Here are a couple of pictures for you though.


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