Photography Tip

I love to take photos! Of anyone and anything!  Rarely do I leave my house without one of my cameras. Actually I only have one camera, the other belongs to my 9 year old daughter who at a very early age developed her mothers love for photography.  She has said for years now that when she grows up she wants to be a animal photographer!  But that is a bunny trail!  Anyways, although I love taking pictures I am no where near a professional like my sister and brother-in-law or our youth pastors wife.  Check out their websites and see some amazing work.  But I do think I can take pretty good pictures when i set my mind to and decent ones most of the time.  I think this true with the majority of scrappers, we are just amatuers doing what we do best: documenting our families lives.  Our skills in photography are developed over the course of years and often by trail and error.

However, there is one thing or event that I love to take pictures of and try to get great shots of each year and FAIL!  What is that you ask?  Fourth of July FIREWORKS!! I love fireworks but most of my pictures, to put it bluntly, suck! Ocassionally I will get a good one and close to never get a great one!  I have tried a lot of different tips and usually end up with bad pictures still.

So when I found these tips, I thought I would share with you. Go read them and gear up to take some (great) fireworks pictures! And come back and link them to me so I can see your works of art!

Photographing Fireworks


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