Greatest Father’s Day Gift

Although, I know that my husband loved the gifts that the kids got him. What man, especially one who loves the outdoors as much as Josh, would not love to receive a couple spinner baits, some worms and hooks as a gift?!?!  He did love them.  But on Sunday night, he got the greatest Father’s Day present anyone, especially Josh, could ever ask for.

Daddy, Sarai and Micah examining one of the spinner baits they got him for Fathers Day
Daddy, Sarai and Micah examining one of the spinner baits they got him for Fathers Day

He got to baptize his own daughter!

Josh baptizing Sarai
Josh baptizing Sarai

Our church had it’s Baptism at the Lake on Sunday night. There was a great turnout for the picnic and the food was so yummy! There was even a smoked hog for us to enjoy!  But the best and most amazing part of then entire night was that 20 people professed Christ and followed in Believers Baptism! AMEN! And one of them was our daughter, Sarai.

The yummy smoked pig!
The yummy smoked pig!

About 5 months ago Sarai accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior in Kids Cove Worship (the childrens program at Macon FBC; its amazing!).  Since then we have talked to her about baptism and what it means and why she should do it off and on.  She had never really been excited about it or said “lets do it” so we didn’t push.  Josh didn’t really push her that much either because he was hoping that we would be in our new church and that he would be able to baptize her himself.  But since we are not close to accepting a call yet and they were having this one now, Josh asked her and she said that she would likt to go ahead and be baptize.  So we called the church on Thursday and let them know that she wanted to be inlcuded.  Josh was a little bummed because he didn’t think that he would be able to do the baptism.  In prior discussions with Pastor Tim they had concluded that it would be better if Tim led the baptism and Josh assisted. And Josh was ok with that.  However when they got into the water Sunday night and it was Sarai’s turn, Pastor Tim told Josh to just go ahead and do it.  What a surprise!  Josh was so excited and I cried!  Enjoy the pictures!


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