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Oh My, Never Thought

Today something happened to me that I really thought would never happen to me!


I am still in shock and just keep saying to anyone within hearing distance, “I can’t believe I dropped him.”  It is said with a kind of disbelief in my voice, like maybe it was a dream.  I remember a couple years back there was this big uproar because some photogrpahers captured a moment on film when Brittany Spears was walking with one of her sons and she stumbled a little and almost dropped him.  I can still recall the uproar that surrounded that moment and how it was used to point out what a bad mother she was.  I can also remember telling Josh that I could see that happening and that I am sure many mothers have experienced something similar.  And then today I actually dropped my child!  Good thing I am not a celebrity or you could imagine the uproar surrounding me!

Here is what happend.  My mother-in-law asked if I wanted to go check the mail and I said sure.  Micah had been wanting to go outside (he loves being outside) for a while, so I figured I would take him along with me.  I have walked the same path to the mailbox and back several times with no problems.  So he and I set off on our little adventure.  I am holding him on my left hip with just my left arm around him, we are walking along and chatting; no cares!  The next thing I know I step into a hole and twist my left ankle.  As I am twisting my ankle and falling to my left hip, Micah is launched into the arm and lands about 2 feet from me on his left side, thankfully he didn’t hit his head.  Immediately he started screaming.  So while I am crying and trying to crawl to him and he is screaming, Josh looks down and asks if I am ok. I told him no and he comes running down to help. By that time, I had picked Micah up and was trying to make sure nothing was broken.  Josh’s step-dad was also outside and came over and took Micah from Josh while he helped me get up.

Thankfully neither him or I are any worse off.  My ankle is still sore when I walk on it and my hip/back hurt.  Micah quit crying right after I took him back from granpa.  Then came in the house and preceded to take about a 15 minute nap.  No bruises or anything that I can see.  I am so thankful he wasn’t worse!

Oh what an eventful day!


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