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Milk Anyone

Micah actually drank a measurable amount of milk yesterday! Yes, i said measurable. And yes it is a big. You see he hasn’t had any breast milk, formula, or cow’s milk in the past 2 months. Yes I said 2 MONTHS!!  I never pulished the post about having to wean him, honestly because it was an emotional time for me. To make a long story short (maybe I will publish the original post) around the beginning of March I hurt my back. Have no idea how I did it.  I kept thinking it would get better on its own but it didn’t. Finally on April 2nd Josh took me to the emergency room because I couldn’t get up on my own or put any weight on my left leg.  So the ER doctor gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxer and a pain medicine and told me I had to choose between the back pain or the pain of instantly weaning Micah.  So we weaned. It was rough. But it got better.

However, at that moment Micah would not drink formula. He would actually gag when it touched his mouth and then we wouldn’t take the sippy cup at all.  Bottles were out as we had not used one of those since he was about a month old and wouldn’t even put it in his mouth. Let alone he had no idea how to make it work if he did put it in his mouth.  We would take a couple drinks of milk from sippy but then within 30 minutes he would throw it back up. We think this was more because his stomach couldn’t handle it and not because he didn’t like it.  So I tried regular milk, 2% milk, lactaid, and soy milk in vanilla and chocolate. I also tried PediaSure in Banana and Chocolate. And we even tried the new Gerber drinks (like PediaSure) in Vanilla. I even tried to give him regular milk with chocolate and strawberry syrup in it.  He would not drink ANY of them!

He would, however, drink the milk off your cereal on a spoon on occasion.  So yesterday after I had eaten my cereal (Frosted Shredded Wheat) I poured the milk from it into his sippy cup.  It was about 1/4 of the sippy cup full.  He drank ALL OF IT!  So I poured him another cup about 1/3 to 1/2 full and added a teaspoon of sugar (the nutrionist at WIC and the dr said to try this). AND HE DRANK IT ALL! Again!

So this morning, I poured him a 1/2 cup of milk and put some sugar in it. And he has already drank 1/2 of what I poured him! I am so excited.  Plus he is not throwing it back up, which is great.  I am hoping that in another month or so, I can stop adding the sugar all together and get him to drink just regular old milk!  I plan to decrease the sugar amount over time so that it is less and less in the milk.  If this doesn’t work, I guess we will go forth with allergy testing. But I am optimistic that this will work and by the time he goes back to the doctor and WIC, he will be drinking milk!


One thought on “Milk Anyone

  1. What a challenge you faced! So glad to hear that you have found something that might be the key after trying everything else. It sounds like you have precious memories of nursing with Micah. Now that Gracelyn and I have made it “over the hump” I can see why so many mothers cherish these moments with their children.

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