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Summer Days

Today Josh set up Sarai’s slip-n-slide for her while she was at school. So she was really excited when she got home and of couse wanted to go in it right away. So excited that when she came storming into my bedroom she woke Micah up!  So I went ahead and slathered him up with sunscreen (my lily white child) and put his trunks on him (they are so cute!)


Getting sunscreen on
Getting sunscreen on

He hated me putting it on him and cried!


Stop momma! That is what he is saying to me
Stop momma! That is what he is saying to me

After he got outside he forgot all about the sunscreen and how much he hated it.  Both he and Sarai had a so much fun with the slip-n-slide.  Here are some pictures of their fun!


One thought on “Summer Days

  1. I love summer and it looks like yall are living it up right! Micah and Sarai are growing so fast. We look forward to seeing you when you can make it this way. Thank you for Gracelyn’s gifts! I love the dresses…in fact, I had picked out the orange/yellow dress for her the other day but realized that I didn’t bring all my cash into the store with me and had to put it back. So good pick! Thanks again–it was really thoughtful of you.

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