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Micah’s Latest Owie

Saturday night and last night our church did a 2-night showing of “Fireproof” for the congregation and community. We are getting ready to start the study that goes along with it and wanted to make it available to everyone.  So we had soda and popcorn and showed it on the big screen.  It was nice and I always enjoy when they do this (although I had already seen it!).

They offered nursery service for children up to 3 years of age.  So I took Micah back and dropped him off, realzing that since we have not attended a service in our church for a little more than a month now that he probably was not going to do well.  And he cried but I took a pager and told them that if he didn’t settle down to page me and I would come back and get him.  Poor guy just loves his mommy.  Well since there wasn’t anything for older children, Sarai sat and watched the movie with us, which was fine.  About 3/4 the way through my pager went off so I went and collected my soon who was very upset and wanted his mommy.  He was dirty, not sick, not hungry; just needed mom.  So he watched the remainder of the movie with us.

After the movie had ended, Sarai asked if she could take Micah up in front of the stage and play with him. I told her yes and said make sure you watch him and all the normal instructions.  She really does a pretty good job as a nine year old when it comes to watching him.  However she does get bored with him easily at times.  So they went up to the front of the church, which was only 3 rows from where Josh and I were sitting and talking about a decision he needed to make.  I had stood up because I was going to get Micah and Sarai so we could leave. As I was standing I noticed that  he and Sarai were sitting on the step and that she had turned her back to him. In the same instant, he decided that something was pretty exciting and started bouncing up and down. So I started saying her name, “Sarai, Sarai, SARAI!” and about the time I got to the third one he took a header off the step onto the floor!

I think in my mad dash to get to him, I pushed a couple of people out of my way and I probably should go back and apologize to them for it!  It only took me probably 15 seconds to get to him and by that time another mom had picked him up. So I took him from her and then realized that my daughter at took off out of the sanctuary upset.  So I went to look for her.  Everyone was fine, Micah is no worse for the wear; Sarai was reassured that she was not a bad big sister (look at moms track record!) and although yes it was her fault, it was an accident and they happen (i am sure we will have many more!).  But still, it added another owie to his growing arsenal.  Here is the damage this time, not bad just a skinned nose.



Micah's latets owie, his poor little rug burned nose!
Micah's latets owie, his poor little rug burned nose!

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