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High and Low

High– Sarai had a field trip today to the Mark Twain Riverboat in Hannibal and I got to go along!
Low– I had to drive myself
High– Sarai rode home with me!
Low– it was hot and the car has no air!

High– can’t wait for season finales tonight of American Idol, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, and something else (lol!)
Low– come home to learn that my brother-in-law hit the satellite while mowing and knocked it out! no finales for me

High– TURKEY HILL ice cream! this is the absolute best ice cream and since hannibal kroger is the closest place that sells it i picked some up today!
Low– i ate too much and now i feel sick!


One thought on “High and Low

  1. Hi, I talked about this very thing in my message tonight to the teens except I talked about eating to man milkduds. Funny

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