One Year Ago…

pregnant belly!

laying in bed!

One year ago, I was laying in a hospital bed coounting down the days and hours until Friday. That was the day that my dr planned to induce me.  That was the day that my husband and I would meet our little boy.  However, God and my son had other plans.

Hooked up to the monitors!
Hooked up to the monitors!

8:45 p.m.- watching t.v., something on Food Network. getting hooked up to the monitor for my nightly one-hour monitoring session.

9:30 p.m.- nurse comes in to unhook me from the monitor, asks me if i am feeling and having more contractions than usual. i tell her not really, but they do seem a little more stronger. she makes a comment that i was having more than i had been and they are stronger. asks if she can get me anything.

11:15 p.m.- I decided that I would once again try and stay awake until the new nurses could come in and get my vitals.  I had been doing this for the past week.  It didn’t make any sense for me to fall asleep around 11 or so only to be woke up within the hour by the night shift nurses.  

11:30 p.m.- realized that I was probably not going to make it until the new shift came in, decided to turn the t.v. off and go to sleep.  Instead I laid there awake listening to the quiet sounds of the nurses visiting other rooms on the hall.  I drifted in and out of sleep.

12:20 a.m.- the nurses finally came in, i had been drifitng in and out of sleep and barely noticed them taking my vitals.  I remember them asking if I needed anything, but I didn’t so they left as quietly and quickly as they came.  And I was able to go back to sleep.

3:30 a.m.- I woke up needing to use the restroom. After returning to bed, I sat there for about 10 minutes feeling like I needed to do some stretches.  I remember my body feeling like it was restless and I remember thinking that I had not slept well in the 3 hours that I had been asleep.  It had been a very restless sleep.  Finally I laid back down to try and sleep.

4:00 am- my body jerked awake as my water broke. I remember laying there for a moment while my mind tried to realize what just happened and what it meant was to come.  I remember that there were no fears or apprehensions, just a calm peacefulness. i called josh and he answered on the 3rd ring. i told him my water broke and he asked me what the nurses said. i told him i didn’t call them yet and he wanted me to call them and then call him back after they came down and checked me.  so i hung up and called the nurses station.

They came down and cleaned my bed up, helped me to the bathroom and got me a new gown.  they asked me if i was having contractions and i said no. so they told me to go back to bed and they would come check on me in a little bit.  i called josh back and he had already left home and was almost to the hospital. he asked if i was having any contractions and i told no i wasn’t.  I asked them to please let my doctor know that my water had ruptured since she was on call. They assured me I had plenty of time.  I then urged them strongly to let her know.

4:30 a.m.- Josh and Sarai arrived. Josh asked if I was having any contractions and I told him that I had just had one. So he started timing them. They were lasting about 2 minutes in length and were coming every 5 minutes.  I told the nurses this as they had come back in the room and said that the doctor would like me hooked up to the monitor for a little bit.  So after hooking me up to the monitor, they left.  Josh kept timing my contractions and they were still lasting about 2 minutes but were about 3 minutes apart.  The nurses came back in about 10 minutes and said that the doctor would like me moved to Labor and Delivery.  So off we went!

5:15 a.m.- after being moved to Labor and Delivery, the nurse decided to put an i.v. in my hand incase they would need to later.  It hurt so bad and I actually cried!  I went to the bathroom and on the way back had to lean on the nurse as I was having a pretty strong contraction that lasted about 3 minutes.  I had also started throwing up and had to have my gown changed once.

5:30 a.m.- my doctor came in and checked me. she said i was good to go and could start pushing anytime.  the nurse said push on the next contraction, do i did.  i really didn’t feel the need to push and i told them that.  she said to go ahead and push with the next contraction and i did again; once again telling them i didn’t feel the need to push.  the nurse kept encouraging me to push but on the next contraction i did not.  she asked why and i said that i didn’t need to or feel the urge to push.  my doctor said that was fine and to just listen to my body.  so about 20 minutes passed, i pushed two more times with no luck and when she checked again the doctor said there was still a small lip of cervix there and asked me to roll onto my right side. once i did that my contractions got really strong and within a few minutes i felt that i needed to push.  so she asked me to roll back to my back, but i couldn’t at first because i could feel Micah’s head coming out.  when i was finally able to roll to my back, i gave one good push and his head came out.  the doctor told us that she had the head and to go ahead and give another strong push at the next contraction. so i did and out popped Micah!

Micah John
Micah John

6:17 a.m.- Micah John was born at 33 weeks 3 days gestation weighing 9 1/4 lbs and measuring 17 1/4 inches.  His APGAR scores were 8 and 9.  The NICU team and nurses cleaned him up, wrapped him in a blanket and placed him my waiting arms. And I cried! He was beautiful!

holding my baby for the first time!
holding my baby for the first time!

Happy 1st Birthday Micah John!


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