Stupid Priceline!

Ok, so my husband and I are planning on going out of town on Saturday night.  So I thought I would find us a nice hotel at a reasonable price.  As usual, I figured Priceline was the best place to start.  I have always had pretty good luck with them and have gotten great hotel rooms at great prices.

Well not tonight! I tried at least 10 different times to get the hotel room.  They have the name your own price option and that is what I typically use.  When you do this, you can usually get the room for 50% off (sometimes less).  So the area we were going had 2 2-star hotesl, 1 1-start hotel and 1 unrated hotel.  It said that the median price between the 2-start hotels was $77.  And the median price for the 1-star was $68.  I tried getting the 2-star hotesl for $30, $35, $40, and $45.  So, I know that $30 is less than half, so I get why that didn’t go through.  Half of $77 is $38.50 so I can maybe understand why $35 didn’t work although I have gotten rooms for more than 50% savings.  But I don’t get why the offers for $0 and $45 didn’t go through. So then I went back and choose the 1-star and 2-star option and tried all the above prices again. Still wouldn’t accept any of them!  I have never had this happen to me.  I just don’t get it.

Then my husband went and found an area close to where we were going and looked at the hotels there.  He then tried to get a room offering $35, 40, and 45 as well since their median prices were also around the other sites (also 1 and 2-star places). Nothing!  So I am not sure what we are going to do.

The area does have some nice cabins and lodges, but not sure if I want to deal with that .  The prices are pretty reasonable, I found one for $35 and one for $45.  I would have to take my own bed linens, plus it is a more rural area and I am not sure of resturants and stores.  Not too mention that I maybe would have to book 2 nights and we are only needing a one night. This option seems like a lot of hassle for one night.  So I have no idea what we are going to do.


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