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Not too Funny story

Well, while I was in the middle of typing the previous post Funny Story we had a little catastrophe happen!  Sarai had got home from school and was in my room talking to me and Micah and telling us all about her day at school.  She then asked if she could watch tv and I said yes.  We were the only ones home and that is when she really gets to watch what she wants.  So she goes out and then comes back in and asks me if she can take Micah out to the couch so he can watch tv with her.  I tell her that is fine, planning on going out in a few minutes and sitting with them.  So she gathers up some of his toys and takes them out to the living room.  Then she comes back in and gets Micah.  A few minutes pass and all of a sudden I hear a huge thud, her scream “Micah” and then him crying! Of course by the time he starts crying I am already headed for the living room. She has already picked him up and is starting to bring him to me.  So I take him and notice that he has a pretty good size bump and bruise starting.  Then I have to deal with him screaming because he is hurt, her crying because she is upet that he fell off the couch while she was watching him and having to try and see if he is bleeding or if anything else is wrong.

He seemed to be fine except for the bump and bruise. But I called Josh just to make sure he didn’t think I needed to call the pediatrician or take him to the dr or anything.  It took him a while to stop crying and wimpering, but he seems no worse for the wear now and is playing happily on my bed once again.  I am trying not to let him go to sleep, just in case.  But he doesn’t even really act like he is tired.

Here is a picture of his bruise.  This is his first major injury! Although he did get a scrape and little bruise on Easter. Also from his sister (see Easter posts for that story and pic)


Micah's bruise!
Micah's bruise!

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