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Funny Story

I have to tell you a funny story that happened to me last night.  We left from church and I had asked my mil, Jane, if she would mind stopping at McDonalds so we could get something to drink since large drinks are only $1.  For whatever reason I was really thristy and my throat was very dry.  She said that was fine and away we went. During the 2 or 3 minutes it takes to get from the church to McDonalds, I discussed with Sarai what she would like to drink.  I told her they had Coke products so that she would know what her choices were.  Well I pulled up to the speaker at the drive-thru and proceeded to have the following conversation with the employee taking orders.

Me: I would like 1 large sweet tea with little ice please
McD: anything else
Me: yes, I would like 1 large Diet Coke with a small amount of Sprite in it please (that is the way mil orders her drink)
McD: we don’t have Sprite ( we have been coming to this McD regularly forever!)
Me: what?
MIL: since when?
McD: we have never had Sprite 
Me: it is on your menu
McD: oh, that is supposed to say Coke
MIL: what do you mean you have never had it? yes you have
McD: we don’t have Sprite. anything else?
Me: 1 large Orange please

So he tells me my total and I pull around and pay him. Then we proceeed to the next window to pick up our drinks.  I look in as the other employee is filling them and see that there is indeed still a Sprite button on the machine.  So I ask him if they have Sprite. He say they do. So I ask him if he would mind putting little in the diet coke.  He does and gives me my “mixed drink” as he calls it! We go ahead and leave, laughing in disbelief.

They really should train their new employees a little better!


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