American Idol

Ok, I am sorry but this is going to be a petty long post.  Mainly because instead of posting every week like I had originally planned at the beginning I waited until now to post.  So it is going to contain a lot of my thoughts for the past several weeks! Sorry!

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoy watching the show, feel it is a good show and its fun to watch also.  I do have problems with how mean they seem to be sometimes.  And I am not talking about telling someone they can’t sing or that this is not what they should be pursuing in their lives.  I am talking about the comments that come out, the laughing, that is just mean spirited.  Actually Simon is my favorite judge and I think he typically gives the contestants honest and helpful advice that if they truly step back and listen to they will do well to implement it.  I would also have to say that Paula is my least favorite judge. Typically her advice has nothing to do with the person’s singing ability and there a lot of times that I really have trouble following what she is trying to say.  And Randy is just there, plus he drives me crazy with how many times in one show he says the Dawg! It is insane!  And since they have added a new judge this year, I am not sure about her yet.  She seems to give helpful advice but I haven’t really formed an opinion on her yet.

The people that I get the most disgusted with however, are the family and friends of some of the hopefuls.  I am sorry but the family and friends are either downright mean or they have a serious problem.  If someone came to me and told me they were going to try out for American Idol and I knew they could not sing I would do everything I could to dissuade them from trying out.  Why would you keep telling that person that they are good, have a shot, and to go for it when you know that they are just going to be humiliated?  I can’t fathom that.  I wouldn’t want it done to me and I would never do that to someone.

City Auditions

Here are my favorites from their city auditions.  Of course this will probably change when it comes to Hollywood Week, as I will get to hear more of them and see how they hold up under pressure.  But these are my favorites right now (in no certain order).

  • Scott MacIntyre
  • Lil Rounds
  • Michael Sarver
  • Danny Gohke
  • Rose Flack
  • Alexis Grace
  • Anoop Desai
  • Jackie Tohn
  • Adam Lambert
  • Michael Castro
  • Matt Breitzke 

I do have some that I think should not have gotten through.  I am not really sure what the judges saw in them.  They are Tatiana Del Toro, Katrina, and some other ones.  I have a feeling that they won’t make it past Hollywood week because when you put them up against contestants from other cities, they pale in comparison.  And there are those that I felt should have been given a chance and put through but they weren’t.  

Then of course you have Nick Mitchell or Norman whatever his name is.  The guy is hilarious and should really consider going into stand-up!  I loved him. However, the most surprising thing was that when he really tried and put his mind to it, he had a good voice and could sing.  I think he will surprise us for sure.

Hollywood Favorites

Here are my favorites after the first day.  If ones listed above are not listed below it is not because I don’t like them anymore. It is probably because I forgot to write them down or I just figured they would carry over.

  • Lil Rounds
  • Anoop Desai
  • Rose Flack
  • Micheal Castro
  • Adam Lambert
  • Matt Breitzkei
  • Nick Mitchell
  • Scott MacIntrye
  • Danny Gohke
  • Michael Sarver
  • David Osmond 

Hollywood Week- Group Day

This is always one of my favorite parts because it is interesting to see how everyone forms their groups and works together (or doesn’t work together). And this year was no exception! Here are my thoughts on the day. 

Out of all the groups my favorites were White Chocolate (who were the first to perform) and Rainbow Coalition. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they have two of my favorite guys in the group, Danny and Jamar. Both of these groups did an awesome job.

I felt sorry for Rose being stuck in the Diva’s group; it was not a group that she was comfortable in and you could see that.  I think that Bikini Girl (Katrina) should have never made it through.  And these clips showed why she shouldn’t have.  I thought that Lauren should have been kept along with Jasmine.  And although I understand that Rose forgot her words and that is part of why she was cut, I think that she should have been kept and is better than others that were kept.

I can’t remember what the name of their group was, but I really think that Tatiana should have been sent home.  She really gets on my nerves and I am just dumbfounded when they keep putting her through.  I personally do not feel that she is that great of a singer.

Hollywood Round 3

Ok, here are my picks so far as to who I like and think should go through.

Matt Giruard
Adam Lambert
Jamar Rogers
Danny Gohke
Anoop Desai
Scott MacIntyre
Michael Sarver
Stephen Fowler
JuNot Joyner
Matt Breitske
Michael Castro

Stevie Wright
Lil Rounds
Alexis Grace
Jasmine Murray
LeNeshe Young
India Morrison

Jackie Tohns

Final Judgement

 The final judgement night proved to be interesting, especially with the sing offs that they had.  I really felt sorry for the sing off that included Alex and I can;t remember the other kids name. But that was sad, especially since they had become such good friends. You could tell it was hard for both of them.  As for Jenn and Kristen, I think I wish they could have both went through.  I think Jenn can sing, she just chose the wrong song for that moment and you could tell she was really nervous.  And it is no secret that Kristen can sing.  I was very, very dissappointed that they did not advance Jamar Rogers. What were they thinking???  That dude can sing!  There are at least 3 and maybe even 5 other guys that I would have traded spots with him, one of them being Nathaniel! It was also heartbreaking to see Danny’s reaction to the fact that his friend did not make it through.  I can not for the life of me see why the chose to advance Tatiana Del Toro.  There were at least two other females I would have said yes to instead of her, Jenn being one of them.  I am not going to bother listing the entire 36, I figure that you can go to American Idols website and see them if you want.

And then the surprise that they are dividing them into 3 groups of 12 to perform for us.  Does that mean that they are then only going to advance 6 from each of the 3 groups on to the final part of the competition?  And what is up with Group 1? It looks to me like the stacked a lot of the stronger singers into this group, which is then going to take them out of the competition way to early!  And I noticed on the website that there is a Wildcard group. What is it?  Will this group allow some of those cut early to come back and compete again?  This could prove to be quite interesting or then again maybe not.

In Group 1, here are my picks to advance.  I am sure on 5 of them and torn between 2 others. 

Alexis Grace
Anoopi Desai
Danny Gohke
Michael Sarver
Stevie Wright
Jackie Tohns/Stephen Fowler

I would probably lean more towards Jackie at this point mainly because I have liked her performances more and she has a unique sound to her.  Of course it will depend on how they perform! And that as we know could change everything.

Ok, I think this post is long enough so I will end for now.  Check back next week for more ramblings!


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