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Wonderful Fellowship

My husband has been a Youth Pastor since 1993 and has served in only two churches during this time. If you know anything about Youth Ministry and Youth Pastors, you will recognize that this is somewhat of an oddity and somewhat amazing.  The typical Youth Pastor stays at a church approximately 18-21 months.  Josh has spent 6 years in one church and 9 in the other. The past 7 months have been hard on him as he has not been developing a ministry however it has been made somewhat easier by the fact that he has been able to help out in the youth ministry in our current church, where we are simply members not on staff. (Which is a lot different and a whole other post in itself!)

However, this weekend  Josh, the kids and I traveled to a church about 6 hours away to interview for the possibility of becoming their Student Pastor.  I have been through about 5 church interview processes in my life and to say the least it is always stressful and nerve wracking for me.  I am not sure why, but I usually end up feeling like I am going to throw up before I even get any where near the search committee or anyone associated with the church we are visiting.  However, this weekend I experienced none of that.  It was a very peaceful trip with a great time of conversation with my husband.  Sarai traveled very well and Micah did better than expected. (He has developed a fear of being in his car seat in the car, which I will write about at another time.)

We arrived at our hotel later than we had planned due to a detour to a Target store to pick up an item we got Sarai for Christmas (none in our area had them!). Then we allowed the GPS to take us an alternate way than originally planned and it took longer.  But after arriving, Josh called the Pastor of the church and let him know we were there. The Pastor, his wife and one of their daughters met us in the lobby and then we proceeded to the restaurant for dinner.  The food was good and the fellowship was great.  I felt that we really connected with the Pastor and his wife and we even had several things in common.  It was a late but great night.  The next morning we got up, enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, and then we went to the church to meet with the search committee.  The meeting went longer than we had planned it would, but it was a very uplifting and encouraging time.  We then went out to lunch with the Pastor, his daughter (who is on the committee), another committee member and her family.  It was made even better because they chose my favorite, Mexican!! But seriously, the fellowship and conversation was what made it so great.  It truly felt like we had known each other for a while and it was very relaxed and fun!  Sarai even made a friend with the ladies son who is the same age as she is.

We are know praying that God will make it clear to not only Josh and I but also to that committee whether we are the ones that God has chosen to lead their student ministry.  We want God’s direction and will wo be crystal clear in our lives.  Please pray for us during this decision time.


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