What an Honor

This past weekend Josh, Micah and I had the honor and opportunity to play the Holy family during our churches Christmas pageant, Imagine Christmas.  Of course playing Mary during a Christmas pageant is nothing like being her in real life but if I experienced even half the emotions that she did then I can imagine how it might have been. I am certain though that her clothing was nothing like my sparkly, glittery, beautiful costume.  And she didn’t have a huge choir standing behind her nor where there Christmas ornaments exclaiming how tiny her baby was. But she had something so much better.  She held the living Christ in her arms and loved him with all her heart, as only a mother could.  And that is something that I understand completely.  

Our parts were not complicated and did not involve a lot of work. We simply walked up the aisle as a family, walked to center stage and stood there while the drama cast played their parts. Then we exited the stage, waited through 3 or so songs, walked back up on stage and then Josh held Micah up as if he was giving him to God during the last song.  Very simple, yet very moving (in my opinion).  Micah did a great job. He ended up falling asleep all three nights about 10 minutes before our part and on all nights except the last he slept through our part and then woke up about 10 minutes later for his last part where he was wide awake.  The last night he woke up while we are on stage but still laid still in my arms until we exited the stage.  He didn’t cry or anything, it was perfect.

Here are a couple of pictures. 


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