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Out of the Mouth of Babes

I have heard it said that if you want the truth just ask a young child and you will get it.  It most regards I think that is true. Young children don’t feel the need to lie to us to make us feel better or to make a situation seem better.  And most young children I know seem to have a better grasp on who God is and their faith in Him than most adults I know (myself included) at times.  All that to say that I received a forward from a friend the other day that was about kids and church.  I quickly read through them and chuckled at most of them and thought about different things that my daughter has said.  Sometimes at inopportune times.  But one of the little quips caught me and I am sure that I have read it before.  I think it is a good commentary on the orginal verses and it really makes you stop and think.

One particular four year-old prayed, “And forgive us our trash baskets as we forgive those who put trash in our baskets.”

How much trash do we put in our baskets as we go through our days? And how much trash goes in our baskets from other people, whether we allow them to put it there or not.  There are days that my basket is overflowing with trash and sometimes I don’t even realize that it is trash.  But imagine that if the baskets in our house filled with trash and we never took it out?  We just let them fill up and overflow onto the floor.  Pretty soon our entire house would begin to smell.  Eventually all kinds of nastiness would take root. We would have mold growing, an aboundance of germs, sickness would start to run through our bodies.  And all of it could have been avoided if we would have just emptied our baskets.

And it is not only our trash that can effect our lives in this manner.  It is the trash that we allow others to put into our lives and baskets.  I think sometimes we allow a person or several people to have input into our lives because we feel that we have to.  However, I have come to the conclusion that I need to be more picky (for lack of better word) about who I allow to be in my life.  Not everyone will give me good or sound advice or be looking out for my best interests.  Isn’t it funny how as children our parents always were on us about the company that we keep and the friends that we have; make sure they are not bad eggs and all that jazz. And then as parents, we continue to to teach that to our children and try to make sure that the friends they are making and drawing close to are not going to be a negative influence on them. Yet, we as adults will allow someone into our lives that is not a good influence and begins to fill our trash baskets for us.  Over the past couple of years I have experienced this with people and also previously while in high school and college.  I tried to have a relationship with them, but after a little while I realized that the influences they were introducing into my life were not good.  I also noticed (as well as had pointed out to me) that when I was with them or had been with them my attitude towards others or about certain things was not good.  And while I will not say it was the other persons fault (I was at fault as well) I realized that a friendship with these people was not possible and I withdrew from the situation.  Much to that persons dislike and then I heard about it.  As an adult it is up to me to realize the amount and type of trash I am putting in my own basket, putting in others baskets or allowing to be put in my basket.  And it is up to me to change it.

So, how’s your trash basket? This week I plan on taking care of some trash that I have left in the bottom of the basket and just kept pressing down to make room.  It is being thrown out for good!


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