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I am thankful…

I got the idea for this post from someone else (thanks Shanna!).  Here is what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season, A-Z. Some may make sense to you and some may not, but thats the great thing about doing this. Some of them may seem pretty trivial.  They are my favorite things and reasons for being thankful!

A- America, I am glad that I was born here and not in another country. For all the problems, i am thankful for all the freedoms we have. 

B- books, i love to read all the time. pretty much any kind of book or story is good to me (within reason). and the Bible. it is a great book to read and has some wonderfuly true stories and wisdom in it. brothers, i have 8 of them and they are all great.

C- church, i love my new church and church family. it is a great place where i truly feel that i belong and am accepted. come visit if you get the chance.  chocolate chip cookies! especially when they are warm from the oven with a glass of milk! my computer.

D-dogs, they are one of my favorite animals. dreams, i usually like mine and they are normally good, sometimes they can be weird. Dads, yes I have two of them and i love them both very  much and am thankful for both of them. dove chocolate (well any kind really) is my favorite

E- e-mail, it makes keeping in touch with distant friends and family easier. eagles, i think they are a very majestic bird. education, i am thankful for mine.

F- friends, new and old. they are very important in my life. my faith in Christ. family near and far.

G- God’s grace, without it I wouldn’t be here. Grandma Nina and Grandpa Lawrence, they are and were great role models and taught me a lot about love and acceptance.

H- home, i am so grateful to Josh’s mom for providing us with a home for the last 6+ months when we had no where else to go or the money to go there. 

I- ice cream, i love love love ice cream! especially when it is cold outside, not sure why but i do! in-laws, brothers and sisters.

J- Josh, he is one of the people that I am most thankful for in my life. without him I am not sure i would be the person i am today. i love you!

K- kids, i love spending time with them and watching them learn new things, they amaze me. 

L-love. i am so thankful for love. whether it be God’s love for us, our love for God, or our love for each other.  Love is the greatest of things and very powerful!

M- Micah, my little boy is such a great blessing. i am thankful that the Lord gave him to us

Micahmy mom, she has been and will always be one of my best friends. i love her and am so glad that she is a part of my life. she is very important to me and is and was a great mom. music, i love all types of music and just enjoy listening to it

N- nursing, i am breastfeeding Micah and i am so thankful that I have been able to do so and that it has gone as smoothly as it has. NICU, without this place I am not sure where my two little miracle would be today. the nurses and doctors are a God-send and played a huge role in the beginning of both my children’s lives.

O- Outback Steak House, it is my favorite restuarnt of all. 

P- Patty, she was my first sunday school teacher and instrumental in me coming to know the Lord and growing in my walk. prayers, for others and others for me; they really do make a difference. parks, i love to go there and play (with my kids or by myself!)

Q- quilts, i have always wanted one. quiet time, i love that time i spend with God and the stillness of it

R- rain, i love to be in it and just listen to it. warm rain is the best. 



S-  Sarai, my first miracle, you are the light of my 
lie and i am so proud to be your mommy. i love you.

Sunflowers! they are so happy and vibrant and are my favorite flower. they make me happy

Sisters, i am so thankful for my 4 sisters and look forward to spending time with them and getting to know them so much better



T- Trials, yes I am thankful for them and for God bringing me through them and teaching me the lessons that He wants me to learn from them. Tulips, they are beautiful and one of my favorite flowers ever. i would rather receive a bunch of them than a dozen roses.




U- underwear, do you really need an explanation?!? 

V- Valentines Day, it is a great holiday and probably my 3rd favorite. 

W- work, I am thankful that my husband has a job when so many are losing theirs or are looking. it is also a blessing that his job provides enough for us so that i can stay at home with my children. and it is a rewarding job for him as well.

X- xtra helpings, i love food. 

Y- youth group teens! you know who you are. you were and are very important and special to me. although i don’t see you or talk to you everyday, i still pray for you and the things God is doing in your lives. you will always be a part of my (and my families) life.

Z- zoo’s. i love them! all the wonderful animals that are so amazing to me! i can’t wait to take micah to the zoo for the first time this summer! st. louis has one of the most amazing zoo’s i have ever been to and it’s free!! check it out if you are able!

Out of all of the things listed, I am sure there are at least a hundred more that I did not list.  Of course the ones that mean the most to me and that I am most thankful for out of all of these are my salvation and faith in Christ, my marriage to Josh, and my 2 precious children. Plus my immdiate and extended families.


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