Baptism at the Lake

During the summer months our church hold our baptisms at the local lake here in town.  Here is the video to one that was held this summer.  You may recognize one or two of the people in it.  Josh got to share in the baptizing of his nephew, Nathan.  It was a great moment and as a whole the baptisms are usually emotional for me.  And I love the song they chose as the music for it.

Since we have been attending this church in June to the present, they have held 3 baptisms (2 at the lake and 1 in church) and have baptized 60+ people!! It is amazing to see people go forward on Sunday mornings to accept Christ as their savior and then follow him in believers baptism.  It is just one sign of the thriving church that Macon First Baptist is.  I have really enjoyed the 6 months that I have been attending the church.  It is nice to actually wake up on Sunday mornings and look forward to walking into the building.  I will post more about the church in another post.

Sorry, I can’t get it to embed into the post, so you will have to click the link below to watch it.

Baptism at the lake


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