Are You Guilty?

Just curious if you think that in our churches pastors/leaders today tend to use guilt/emotional manipulation to get their church members to do what they (the pastors/leaders) want/think they (members) should do?  Is this something new or has it always been this way? Can you get people to do something without guilt or emotions playing a part?

I guess this could really apply to anyone in authority, even our political leaders and such. But I am wanting to know more about church leaders.  There are times when I feel that they do use guilt or emotional manipulation to make someone do what they want. Of course you could say this about anyone in general. There are even husbands who use it on their their wives and vice versa, parents and children and vice versa.  

In the past couple of years I have dealt a lot with emotional manipulation and the guilt card being played, so when i see someone doing it, it kind of upsets me.  Sometimes I will go to the person and say something. I do it kindly and try to get them to see what they are doing withoutaccussing them of anything, but sometimes you have to be blunt.  I have learned that it would be better to speak up when it starts to happen and maybe lose one friend, then to allow it go on and on and cause a lot of people hurt and pain.


[It has come to my attention that people/friends from my previous church have stumbled across my blog and have read my posts. Just so they know, this post has nothing to do with them or that church.  It is something that we have been discussing in my house due to a speaker we have listened to.  So don’t worry, I am not talking about you or your church.]


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