Fall Family Festival

This year for Halloween we are at a new church.  What this means for us is a couple of different changes and things.

The biggest change for me is that I am not in charge of organizing and running our previous churches Harvest Party.  This was an event that I loved holding and doing in our previous church as I felt it was a great way to reach the families in the community around the church.  It was a lot of work for me and it did cause me to get stressed, but it was all worth it every year.  Sadly, I don’t think our previous church held the Harvest Party this year and that really causes me heartache. 

The second change was getting the chance to experience a Fall Famiyl Festival (similar to the Harvest Party) as a participant with my children.  I didn’t have to plan anything or worry about handling any problems or crisis that arose.  That was very nice.

The third change was that at our new church they allow and encourage the children to come in their customes and they also encourage their workers to dress up.  It is really a site to see.  Also this year in school, they have a Halloween parade.  So Sarai got to dress up for the first time in her life (8 years)!  I really debated with this for a long time. At one point I even explained to Sarai what they did at her school and that she would not be taking part and my reasoning behind this decision.  Then I thought abiut and debated some more.  Then I asked her again what she thought about it.  In the end, I agreed that she could dress up for school and for the festival.  I even made Micah a pumpkin custome after I couldn’t find one to fit him (I even tried a dog costume!).

We had a great time.  I will post pictures after I pull them off my camera.


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