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Geographic what?

Today Micah had his 4 month check-up with his pediatrician.  Things are going well for us so there weren’t really anything we needed to discuss with her.  However I had noticed a funny spot on his tongue about 3 weeks ago so I thought I would just mention it to her.  Then the other day I noticed that he had the same spot on both sides of his tongue.  It wasn’t causing him any discomfort or pain and he was eating just as well as he always did, so I figured there was no rush to determine what it was.  It did cross my mind that it might be thrush, but since it didn’t bother him and I wasn’t sore I kind of ruled that out.

So we went to our appointment and waited for the doctor.  She came in and I mentioned the spots on his tongue to her.  She got out a tongue depressor and proceeded to examine his mouth.  Her diagnosis, “geographic tongue”! She then proceeded on with her appointment acting like what she just said was as normal as saying “hi” to someone.  Needless to say I (and Josh) were curious.  So when we got home I typed it into Google and seen what Wikipedia had to say.


What in the world?!?
What in the world?!?

Geographic tongue, also known as benign migratory glossitiserythema migrans, or continental tongue, is a condition affecting the tongue. The colloquial names are due to the condition resembling a map.

They say this it is not serious, which is a relief.  They say it runs in families, although I have never know anyone in my family that has had it.  But of course it is not like we sit around at Thanksgiving or Christmas and discuss how are tongues look. The also say it comes and goes, but so Micah’s has only come and has gotten more pronounced.  They say it affects 3% of the population, with 0.06% of those affected being Americans and they also say that girls are 3 times more likely to be affected than boys. They also say that it could be connected to psoriasis, which is a little disheartening as my grandmother suffered from psoriasis and it is not a fun thing.

I don’t have any pictures of Micah’s tongue to show you.  It is hard to get him to do what you tell him, but he is only 4 months old! So I am including this picture with a description of what Micah’s looks like.  For more pictures take a look at this page on Google.


Micah's look like this, except his are not as white as this and he has them on both sides of his tongue.
Micah has one like this on both sides of his tongue and it is not as white.

So along with talk about his head shape, penis care and vaccinations it was a interesting but good visit!


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