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Never Forget

I am sure we are all aware of what today is. It is September 11, 2008.  A bittersweet day for my family and I am sure for many others for a different reason.

Today is my husbands 34th birthday.  Today 34 years ago he was born in Ionia Michigan. It is a day his mom will always remember.

Today is 9-11.  Today 7 years ago terrorists attacked New York City, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.  It is a day that we will always remember.

Today we celebrate and remember.

Today we mourn and remember.


One thought on “Never Forget

  1. Hey Tzigane, You are right, it is a day everyone will remember. I am sure at that day even though it was seven years ago we all can remember what we were doing at that time we were being attacked and you are right it is Joshs birthday and I could never forget such a great friends birthday. So even though it has its sad memories because of the evil in the the world — least we have at least one miracle to be thankful for – as to some others – but that would be that he was born 34 years ago and makes a HUGE impact (for the good) on the lives of so many (all that he comes in contact with) – take care and I hope he had a great day!

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