I was browsing this site the other day, looking for a couple of tee-shirts for myself and a couple of gifts for my niece and nephew who are going back to school.  They have some great tee-shirts that I think that teenagers would really like and actually wear.  I know that from working with teens, they want clothing that is in fashion and hip.  Most of the teens that i have worked with in the past said they didn’t typically wear Christian tee-shirts because they were not fashionable or cool looking.  So I told some of them about Jesus Branded and they liked them.  So if you have a Christian teen that you want to get some cool new clothes for, check them out. It is a great site.

Here is the link to my new favorite! I love the sunflowers.

And because I like my shirts larger, I would order this one too!

So I really hope you will check them out and support them too!


One thought on “Tee-Shirts

  1. I recently opened a Cafe Press shop, you might want to check it out! (especially if you like blonde jokes….. 🙂
    And Christian teens will like those because I (a Christian teen) designed those tee shirts, and us teenagers like to give each other a hand!

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