No Longer Missing Missouri

One of my favorite songs (and partially listed in a previous post) is “Missing Missouri” by Sara Evans.  I have loved and been drawn to that song since the first time I listened to it. Obviously the entire song does not apply to me, but I love it none the less.  It is mainly the chorus and bridge that get me and I usually end up crying when I listen to it.

I have lived in Pennsylvania for the past 8 years and 11 months and although there have been good times and wonderful friends made, it has been extermely hard for me most of the time.  Some of that being that all of my family is still in Missouri and I really missed my mom.  Her and I where like best friends when I was growing up and then we kind of grew apart and that was compounded by our move to Pennsylvani.  Plus being pregnant with my first child and her first grandchild and then having complications during that pregnancy added to the feelings of aloneness and wanting to “go home”. 

Don’t get me wrong, our church family loved and supported us like no other.  It was amazing to see their outpouring of love to my husband and I.  It was nothing to come home to a card in the mail, walk out of church and find an envelope of money on the windshield or have some walk up to us and hand us something.  And usually it was when we really needed the money to pay a bill, buy groceries, or buy diapers for the baby.

Recently a lot of things have happened in my life and it sure has been CRAZY!  In October we found out that I was pregnant again! After 6 1/2 years of ttc, this was a pleasent surprise and blessing! Then I started having complications with the pregnancy sometime in March. I ended up at the hospital 5 times and was admitted 3 times and was on bedrest during the times in between.  Did I mention we were moving, which meant that my husband had to pack the house, take care of me and our 8 year old daughter who had school each day!  The last being a week before Micah was born at 33 weeks 3 days gestation on May 19th.  Also in April my husband resigned from his youth pastor position that he had held for the past 8 (almost 9) years.  We weren’t (and still aren’t) entirely sure where or what we were doing next.  Add onto that, my baby was born on May 19th, my mother-in-law arrived May 23 to help pack the moving truck, my daughter left for Missouri on May 24th, my son was released from the hospital on May 27th and then my husband, son and I left for Missouri on May 30th!

We arrived in Missouri on June 1st and are now relaxing (as much as possible) and getting settled in.  HUbby has been painting and laying floor in our bedroom so that we could get our bed and the crib moved into there for now.  It looks great and although he is exhausted, he did a great job!  As usual, he has made sure it was done and taken care of me and our family.

Although I am no longer missing Missouri, I do miss my close friends in Pennsylvania.  Other than that, there are not many things i do miss about living in Pennsylvania.  Turkey Hill ice cream and Tasty Kakes!  You can’t get them in Missouri, but I think I will survive!

Missing Missouri

I love my life, love my husband
Without those kid’s, man I ain’t nothin’
I love my fans, love my band
Love my little Tennessee piece of land
Sometimes my life can get so hectic
Out of the blue when I least expect it
Somewhere between the hubbub and the drama
I get to thinkin’ bout mama and

I’m caught up in missing Missouri
‘Cause I wanna be with my family
Instead of stuck out on this road I’m on
Everytime my bus wheels hit the boot hill
There’s no limelight and I’m alright
‘Cause I’m almost home
Where they love me, where they know me
Where they show me back in Missouri

the road just ain’t no place for whiners
It’s motels, truck stops, all night diners
Hoping that your song’ll sell
And having to smile when it ain’t doin well
So when everything just gets to much
And I feel like I’m givin up
I close my eyes and say a little prayer
And its like I’m there and


Late summer nights sneakin out the window
Me and the girls driving down the backroads
Tobacco fields and bumblebees
And the cardinals playing on TV


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