Baby M has arrived!

Well my little man had plans of his own! 

This morning at around 4 am, my water broke (according to me!) or finished rupturing (according to the dr’s).  I called J and told him. I wasn’t having any contractions, so I told him I would call him back after the nurses came in and checked me.  So I then called the nurses and let them know. And of course they made sure that i knew my membranes had already ruptured the previous Monday. So they were going nonchalantly about their business, as I don’t think they really thought anything was going to happen soon.  Josh had decided to go ahead and come to the hospital, since I tend to have fast labor and deliveries.  By the time he arrived around 4:30 am, my contractions were about 2 minutes apart and they were getting stronger.  The nurses still didn’t seem to concerened as they hadn’t called my dr or the resident yet.  Finally they talked to the resident who wanted them to hook me up to the monitor.  So they did and after about 5 minutes hooked up they came in and said “you’re going to labor and delivery”. 

It is about 5 am by the time I get to Labor and Delivery.  The nurse tells me they have to start an i.v. (EEKK! see previous post about needles!)  She is putting it in the back of my hand and she has to try to get it in several times.  By the time she is successful, i am crying becuase it hurt so bad (my contractions didn’t even make me cry!). 

I will finish the birth story later. Gotta go for now!


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