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Big needles and blue dye?!?!

I really really really HATE needles!  I have such a hard time having iv’s put in, having blood drawn or getting shots, sometimes I even cry!  I am not sure where this phobia comes from, but I have it and it is real.  And believe me it does not get better the older I get or the more I get poked.

So today when my doctors came in and started talking about having an amniocentesis done, it is needless to say I started to get a little freaked out on the inside. On the outside, I was as calm as I could be.  Now this was not a regular amnio in the since they were not going to draw out the fluid to be tested for anything.  My amnio would be done in order to see if my membranes had indeed ruptured (if I really had a leak or not).  My options were not do it and stay in the hospital until 34 weeks at which time I would be induced.  Do it and if it was negative I would get to go home. Or do it and if it was positive, I would be staying until 34 weeks and being induced.

So basically what I has having to decide on was if I wanted a huge needle stuck through my belly, into my amniotic fluid and have a blue dye injected into my fluid.  Then I would have to wear a tampon for 12 hours and when removed see if there was any blue dye on it.  If there was not, then I would have to repeat it and check in another 12 hours.  Then we would have our answer.  So come back and see if I did it or not!


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