News and Update

I hope that this post finds you and your family doing well.  Just wanted to send out a quick e-mail and give you some updates of what is going on in our lives.
Baby M is doing well and growing more and more each day, as evidenced by my enlarging belly! Some days I wonder how it can get any bigger, but it does.  It is amazing to think of all that God had to plan for in just the area of recreating a life and having it grow inside another human.  I am still having contractions, although they are slight and very irregular.  I still go weekly to get my shot that is to keep my uterus from contracting, they don’t really hurt although the last ones have left me bruised and with some welts at the injection site.  As most of you know during my hospital stay I received the shots of steroids to help Baby M’s lungs develop, so if he is born early at least he has had that advantage given to him.  The dr. acted like they might not try to stop me if I go into pre-term labor, but we will see. Of course we are praying for a healthy full-term baby! So we keep telling Baby M a few times a day that he needs to stay inside and keep growing.
Big Sis is doing well, she has had a great year in 2nd grade. They had a lot of great activities this year from putting on a play in chapel (she was a lion!), to field trips and service projects. Her lowest grade the entire year has been a B in math. Other than that she has had straight A’s and of course we are very proud of her in this accomplishment. She does enjoy school, some parts more than other. But she is also ready for it to be over.  And so is mommy! She has also started piano lessons and loves them; however practicing is another story!  Big Sis got to go to Build-a-Bear a couple of weekends ago and make a new friend for herself; also her and daddy picked out a bear for Baby M. So he now has his first teddy bear!  It is so cute.
J and I are both doing well. We have had the opportunity to spend the last month together since he has had time off from his position. It has been great for us and our relationship has grown stronger and closer.  Not only have we spent this time growing our relationship with each other, we have also spent the time growing our relationship with God as a couple and individually. Time has been spent in prayer on many subjects.  One of those areas that we have spent time in deep prayer and consideration is what God has for our future and for the future of J’s ministry.  We have asked the Lord that he would make it clear to us in what direction he was leading us.  It is with a sadness that we realize that at this time God is directing our lives somewhere other than church, and with that direction has come J’s resignation. And we will miss those that we have grown to truly know and call friends.  However it is with a joy that we are looking forward to moving back to M. The three of us (especially Big Sis) are looking forward to the time that we will be able to spend with our family that we get to see on that rare occasion and also the opportunity that this gives us to catch up and reacquaint with old friends.  Of course this means a lot of work as we will be packing and moving by the end of May. Yes that is only a month before Baby M is due, but we are trusting God with the timing of everything and that all things will work out according to his plan.  We are excited and can’t wait to begin the next chapter of our lives and see what God has in store for our family and for J’s ministry.
Please continue to pray for our family during this time, especially for the move and the pregnancy.  Please pray for the teens that they will continue to love and grow in the Lord and that He will work through them. Also for the church as they decide what they are looking for for the future youth ministry and that they continue realize the importance that needs to be placed on the teens and the ministry to them.  Please pray mom, N and S as they will be traveling to help us with the move.

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